Simply adore the head accessory!! Reminds me of " Industrialized-fashion". I wish I could have Lara Stone to pose for me with all the artworks I create.

Happy Birthday MJ

Today is 53rd birthday of Michael Jackson. Although, I wasn't a very huge fan of him (not that he ever cared about me), I was always aware about his style. I'd say he was one of the most influential celebrities that were wearing the coolest blazers ever, and the most expensive ones. He didn't really prefer blazers made of fabric, it was mostly made of glamorous stones like Swarovski and such. He was the guy who made the  "white socks and black shoes" popular. Well, Michael, dude, you managed to become a huge inspiration to the fashion industry since 1980s. Cheers


Today Im really inspired searching for beautiful women.
15 year old Brooke Shields. A shit from "Blue Lagoon" movie. 1980

Shots of romantism


VOGUE September

Natalia Vodianova on the cover of VOGUE Turkey. Probably my favourite one throughout the history of VOGUE Turkey covers. Really really nice. Its just the eyes!! The first thing you notice is the eyes. Very deep and hypnotizing. I like the fact that it's mostly her face rather than her hair or body that is on the cover. Her eyes play the main role i think. It's talking for itself.

I think the deepness of her eyes reflect an evolution of the upcoming autumn/winter season. Love it!

Today's Istanbul Outfit

Date:  August 26th.
Location: Istanbul, Turkey.

Today in Istanbul, there is a chilly weather outside. It isn't cold but it isn't sunny as well. We don't have this kind of weather usually, like a t-shirt and a jacket wear weather. So I thought this kind of outfit would be nice for today. Really nice style. Felt like sharing.

Boyfriend's Shirt Skirt

LATEST TREND GIRLS! As you guys know I'm trying to discover new trends and fresh and creative looks! Check this out! We have been through wearing boyfriend jeans, boyfriend shirts, making dresses out of boyfriend shirts. Now it's a boyfriend skirt! You seriously have to be brave to do this. I think it looks really cool. Man you can give it any shape you want!! You can change it anyway you want. No sewing involved! super practical and stylish!